Project: Cinovate

CINOVATE was a training programme designed to help film makers meet current and future challenges and seize new opportunities available to the independent film exhibition sector. It was aimed at those who have been working in exhibition for three years or more, and for those who deal with day to day challenges of programming, audience development, marketing and brand development and more…

Webber Design were invited to a competitive pitch for this job, which we won. We designed 9 versions of the logo, both static and animated versions. One version from the set is chosen at random when you enter the site, and the page layout colours change to match the chosen random logo. We also designed a selection of flyers, posters, email newsletters and conference slides.

Cinovate Logo Designs Cinovate Logo Designs Cinovate Logo Designs Cinovate Web Design Cinovate Flyer Designs Cinovate Poster Designs
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