Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the ranking of your website in Google's search engine (other search engines are available!). Whilst you can pay Google for an AdWords listing of your company websites, SEO can get you onto page 1 of the 'organic' results.

RULE #1: Please the Google Gods

Studies show that over 90% of people never go to page 2 (or beyond) when they do a search, so if your site isn't showing up on page 1 for your chosen keywords/key phrases, then you are losing almost all of your potential users and potential customers.

Google 'score' every site on the web. They check about 50 aspects of each site in order to produce an SEO score. It is this score that determines where your site will appear on a Google search results page for any given keyword/phrase.

RULE #2: Hire Webber Design for your SEO

Webber Design are your SEO experts. Whilst Google are careful not to publish precise details of their scoring system, we have a suite of SEO scoring tools which best approximate Google's algorithms.

All sites that we design & build are released only when the SEO score reaches 80% or above, but we can go further…the image above shows our best ever score — a perfect 100%. 

If we didn't build your site then don't worry — we can still 'retro-fit' your site's SEO for £500 plus vat. This service guarantees an SEO Site check score of 85% or above*.


We can offer a free SEO score of your website before you decide to engage our services. We will present you with the overall score percentage and the number of passes, fails and warnings the site received… then it is up to you whether you want us to improve your score. At this point we can give you an estimate of the potential score we could achieve for you.

To arrange your free SEO Score call us on 01633 674418, or contact us here.

* Conditions apply: Some of the free web building services like Wix, Squarespace etc are built in such a way that we are limited in what we can achieve, but we will inform you of this following the free SEO Score.