• Fiona Films

    Responsive website (PC/Mac, tablets, smartphones) for London film production company.

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    Website for Fiona Films, London
  • Sainsbury's

    Logo for Sainsburys TU Fairtrade clothing, plus a range of clothing graphics designs

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    Graphic design for Sainsburys
  • NHS Wales

    Banner design for NHS Wales (Informatics Service). One of many exhibition and print designs for this client.

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    NHS Wales pull up banner design
  • Logos

    We work on creating logos for a multitude of companies (big and small) in almost every industry imaginable.

    Check out a selection of our logos.

    Woodland Park Logo
  • Russel Swords

    Photo from shoot with Russell Swords. Design for this client includes website, flyers, DVD box set packaging and illustration.

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    Russell Swords - swordfencers in action

    We've designed Garth's website as well as some print materials.

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    GARTH - Gwent Arts in Health
  • Crow Point Festival

    All design elements for this festival including tshirt, programmes, posters, leaflets

    See our Crow Point Festival Designs.

    Selection of graphic design for Crow POint Music Festival
  • Centre For Issue & Crisis Management

    Screenshot of website for CICM, London. Also designed: branding, white papers, stationery.

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    Center for Issue and Crisis Management website screenshot
  • Ironmen of Merthyr

    Poster for Ironmen of Merthyr Movie. Also designed: CD Packaging, flyers, website, branding.

    View our Iron Men of Merthyr Designs

    Ironmen of Merthyr Movie Poster
  • Usk Castle

    Branding for Usk Castle. Also designed for client: stationery, website, signage.

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    Usk Castle logo
  • Yummy Italy

    Website for Yummy Italy, an Italian slow food and fast cars experience company based in Bologna.

    View the Yummy design work

    Screenshot from Yummy Italy website
  • Fields House

    Branding and stationery for film location company.

    Fields House Logo
  • Maindee Festival

    One of many posters for Maindee Festival. Also for client: photography, leaflets, posters, flyers, website.

    Check out a selection of our poster designs.

    Maindee Festival Poster
  • Hannah Emily Bridal

    Screenshot of Hannah Emily Bridal website. Also for client: branding, signage, window decals, stationery & photography.

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    Hannah Emily Bridal website screenshot
  • Safeguarding Children

    Cover of Safeguarding Children handbook for Newport City Council. All photography in the handbook also by Webber Design.See more.

    Safeguarding Children document
  • Marigold Costumes

    Business card for Marigold Costumes (film/tv/theatre). Also for client: branding, website, photography.

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    Marigold Costumes logo
  • Retro Vee-Dubs

    Screenshot of Retro Vee Dubs website. Also designed for client: branding.

    Screenshot of Retro Vee Dubs website
  • Corus

    Driver safety brochure in 14 language versions. Other work created for Corus: fortnightly newspaper, posters, photography, banners, flyers and more.

    View our Corus/Tata Steel Designs

    Corus Driver Safety booklet
  • LSPR London School of PR

    Website screenshot for LSPR. A client for 15 years we've designed very many websites, print materials, and logo designs for LSPR.

    London School of PR website screenshot
  • Dynamic Rock

    Website for Dynamic Rock climbing Centre, Swansea. Also: photography, leaflet design.

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    Dynamic Rock website
  • A Bird in a Cage

    Screenshot of 'A Bird in a Cage' website. Educational site about suffragette Lady Rhondda. Also designed: educational resources (print).

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    A bird in a cage website screenshot
  • Crow Point Festival

    Photo of Roni Size at Crow Point Festival. Also designed: poster, flyers, tickets, lanyards, programme, signage, website.

    Roni Size photo on stage at Crow Point festival
  • Help South Wales

    Branding for Help. We also designed website, banners, signage, stationery and illustrated poster series

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    Help South Wales branding
  • Cambridge Service Alliance

    Website for the CSA which includes Cambidge University, BAE Systems, Rolls Royce and Caterpillar. KT-Box Microsite screenshot shown, main site also by Webber Deisgn

    Cambridge Service Alliance - KTBox website
  • Laura May Bridal

    Website and various print media for Laura May Bridal.

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    Laura May Bridal