Case Study: Lyssium Aromatics

Lyssium Aromatics

The Client:

Adam Tyson, Owner of Lyssium

We Got Involved Because:

Lyssium Aromatics is an online store that specialises in wide range concentrated fragrance oils, carpet fresheners and diffusers. Adam from Lyssium contacted Webber Design to book in a product photography shoot, but after an initial meeting where he discussed his business and goals to expand we started discussing a new e-commerce site on Shopify.

What We Did:

  • Designed a personalised Shopify template
  • Product photography and creation of editable digital product files
  • Categorised and organised products and website content
  • Upload of 100+ products to new site
  • Creation of product mockups
  • Design of product packaging 
  • Sticker design
  • Packaging design


When taking an audit of Lyssium's current site we noticed it was difficult to navigate the site or find the product you may be looking for. With ecommerce sites it is vital that the navigation system is quick, intuitive and easy to use, or else your customers will quickly get frustrated and shop elsewhere.

From the brand colours we selected yellow to be the action colour for the site. Bold and bright it will attract the attention of the eye and help users to easily navigate the site. This is used on buttons, links and pop-ups. 



We also found the previous site the 10ml and 100ml fragrance oils we uploaded to the site as separate listings, we compiled this so once you'd selected a fragrance you would then have the choice of which bottle size you'd like. This way we've cut down the overwhelming number of products by simply compiling scents.


Categorising the scents into Botanical, Sweet Shop, Dupe, Seasonal, Fruity massively helped to divide up the products so users can easily find a scent that would be suitable for them. Previous to this, the customer would have been faced with hundreds of scents and no easy way to narrow down their choice.


Packaging Design & Product Mockups

With over 100 aromas, it made no sense to photograph each one individually, so we set about designing a photoshop mockup file. This allowed us to generate all the various scents, with the relevant granule colours in a fraction of the time, with the added bonus that the products look uniform on the site. This also means that as new scents are released, that we don't need to photoshoot again, but just use the mockups. With the car diffuser scents, we first photographed a sample pack, then created a mockup photoshop file to allow us to quickly change the scent without needing to reshoot.

We designed the Card Diffuser, granules and carpet scent packaging with no scent name, in order to save money on printing. Stickers were printed to customise each scent, saving money for Lyssium.





Window Signage

Lyssium is in the main an online business with the Shopify store, and sales channels on Amazon, ebay etc. However they like a popup shop for Christmas, so contacted us to design and apply vinyl signage to their temporary Christmas retail unit.


Lifestyle shot used on website and marketing.