Case Study: Vehicles


The Client:


We Got Involved Because:

Operasonic has been one of our clients since its inception in 2014. Webber Design design and created their website and branding and have a long standing relationship with Operasonic so Webber Design was therefore commissioned to create the visuals for their opera for school aged children 'Vehicles'.

What We Did:

  • Created branding and a visual language for the opera - including several illustrations
  • Designed and printed a series of bilingual posters 
  • Designed and printed a program for the opera performance 
  • Social media posts and web banners advertising the opera
  • Designed of an interactive digital teacher's resource for teaching children the science behind the opera

Designing the Poster

The first step was to create the visual language for the opera. They had to be fun, colourful and interesting for a younger audience and work over a number of different applications. The series of performances were for young children so this set the tone for the illustrations, type and colours for the visual styling. We started with creating the background/texture that was going to running throughout the production design. Making sure there was depth within the galaxy shot and that the colours were correct to correspond with the set design. 


We decided on the handwritten style font as we felt it was well matched to the illustration style. Using a simple colour scheme as there was a lot of information on the poster which we did not want to take away from the design with too many colours. This then set the style for the other printed and digital files. 

The Printed Programme

Once all the design decisions had been made (colour palette, type treatment, textures, illustrations etc.) it was time to put it all together into a programme that would be sold at the opera.